Danae Desjardins (she/her)

I’ve been in the industry for over 6 years and specialize in colour corrections, balayage and most recently, beaded weft extensions! 

I’ve done 5+ balayage & lightening classes including those taught by Josie Vilay, Farhana Premji & Masters of Balayage’s, Ryan Weeden.

I’m most recently certified in “Yours Vanish Wefts” extensions.

I feel passionately about guiding my clients to hair that works for them. Whether that’s coming in every 4 weeks or twice a year, there’s a hair colour/service for everyone! My goal with each service is to have my clients feel more confident than when they came in. 

I’m here to educate and answer any questions! After-all, you don’t need to spend an hour every morning doing your hair, but maybe a product change or two, and 5 an extra minutes would have you walking out the door feeling your best…. You deserve it! 

That’s a big part of what inspired me to get into this industry!

Aside from hair, I have two cats (Pancake & Ophelia) who gave me my cat lady title at the ripe age of 19! They’re literally perfect little Angel babies, except for when they chew on my charging chords!  I grew up in the country, so naturally I love the outdoors, camping, and bonfires. I’m an extrovert and somehow have surrounded myself with the absolute best people, so it’s always a silly goose time!