Kelly O’Leary

Hi! I am one of the co-owners of the Sapphire Hair Lounge and I am so lucky to say that I have been doing hair for 21 years!

This industry has been so kind, the relationships that I have built with my clients have been so special to me, some new and some right from the beginning. I love all services but specialize in Creative Colour. I work for Pulp Riot Haircolour, traveling the world as an international platform artist, spreading the love for the Industry all over. I love to bring that passion and inspiration home to our city, which is full of talent and inspiration.

A little about me, I have a son, pets and a love for all things nostalgic. I love deep long conversations about things that matter to people or things that don’t matter at all. Music and travel are my passions, honestly, as well as doing hair. Even on days off, hair projects are my fun, my therapy.

The Sapphire was a complete fluke. April and I found the space as an accident, and it just fit and felt right. We can honestly say that every single staff member that came in fit, like that missing piece on the puzzle. I am so blessed to have April for a partner, and we are blessed to have the best team that anyone could ask for. They make us proud every day.

We don’t know what is in store for us, but we know the future will shine bright.