Melanie Mykietowich

How long have you been doing hair?

I’ve been doing hair for just over 2 years now being 32 I started a bit later in life but have had a passion since I was 16!

What is your favorite part about the stylist-client relationship?

My favourite part I would have to say is when you make that connection with a client and I’m able to make them feel as amazing on the outside as they feel inside.

Is there a specific hair type or service that speaks to you?

Vivids are my passion everyone has a little bit of a mermaid inside them just waiting to come out.

Is there a hobby/interest you have outside of the salon?

Anyone who knows me knows I love creative photo shoots as well I speak highly of my women’s Tae Box classes!


Do you have any long-term goals or dreams?

Ever since I went to Paris it’s been a dream to go back to Europe and see more experience more! Long term I would love to keep experience hair/ trade shows 

What is your favourite thing about Sapphire?

I love how comfortable clients feel it’s warm and welcoming to all! I couldn’t have wished for a more supportive group to call family at work.