Katie Katchnoski

Hi, I’m Katie! I’ve been in the industry for over 15 years, going on 7 years at The Sapphire.

I got into the industry initially because I thought a creative career would be fun, turns out it really is. My passions within the job have changed throughout the years, and at this point my clients are truly my passion. I am so excited hear about your new job, relationship, things you do for fun etc. I absolutely love every single one of my clients and they’ve since become friends and are truly a very important part of my life.

I’m trained in curly hair and specialize in all types of curly hair. Hair school doesn’t focus much on textured hair and from the beginning of my career I wanted to make sure every single person, regardless of hair texture and type will be able to get their hair done with me. I love a good natural hair blowout, a curly shag moment, a huge color transformation, basically I love it all.

When I’m not choppin’ hair, you can find me sitting in my hammock in the park, cuddling my 14 year old cat Lily, hanging out with my pals, cooking and ripping around town on my bike.

One thing I want every client or potential client to know, is that I strive to make my chair the safest place possible. Everyone is welcome, everyone is encouraged to be themselves. I want you to feel comfortable trusting me with your hair and our conversation and for you to be exactly who you are, because you’re the best!