Kallie Bosak

How long have you been doing hair?

3 years! 

What is your favorite part about the stylist-client relationship? 

I honestly just love the connection you can make with people. Whether our interests are similar or totally different; it gives us both a chance to really get to know each other! Working in this industry has brought some people in my chair that I didn’t think I would see much of after graduating high school, it’s a pleasure to catch up with them & see their growth in life!

Favourite Hair Service?

My favourite service to do is a vivid/pastel virgin. Something about giving someone the experience of having fun colours for the first time is awesome. It’s a whole new experience & process for them. I love being able to hype them up them entire time too! 

Is there a hobby/interest you have outside of the salon? 

I’ve always had a love for astrology. I’m no expert on it & still have so much left to learn. but it’s something that has always had my interest! I also love writing & just as of recently I’ve decided I’m going to get into drawing. 

Do you have any long-term goals or dreams?

I want to travel the world. I want to see all the different cultures, different lifestyles, different sceneries the world has to offer! I also want a pet goat. 

What is your favourite thing about Sapphire?

It’s home. I come here every day & it doesn’t feel like I’m going to work. from my first day here, the atmosphere was so inviting, everybody is so humble. nobody here competes with each other, instead we learn from each other & guide one another. We also have some of the coolest & nicest clients ever!